+8000 - Richie Hawtin & John Acquaviva


PLUS 8 started as a place for Hawtin & Acquaviva to release their own music and was originally established in the basement of Acquaviva’s parents house where the duo worked on music in-between John’s mum’s washing machine and his fathers fresh hanging mozzarella.  This shot was taken in 1990 in Hawtin’s first studio, also in the basement of his parents house where he was still living and was featured in one of their first interviews.

All pieces in our collection have been custom designed and use organic fair trade cotton.  They are manufactured by a family-run business in Feridabad, India which holds the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification.  Each item is sealed in eco-friendly compostable bags and all orders also ship in similar compostable packaging.

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Rich wears L / Laura M